Our History

Constellation X, The best Digital Marketing Agency in Katy, Tx was born in 2019 due to the need for a digital advertising agency that would provide tools to 501c3’s in the social assistance sector as an alternative medium and that in turn would provide digital and conventional digital marketing strategies in the Peruvian sector. Our business was established with the main point of focus on providing clients with the necessary means, resources and tools so that companies and organizations could reach their maximum potential in the digital field, generate sales and likewise provide constant communication of products and services. available to their potential audience.

Mainly focused in the 501c3 sector such as social assistance in medical campaigns, donations, restoration of places, among other activities for purposes, as well as in agricultural exports and in turn in the beverage distribution channels. Constellation x currently operates in different market areas such as 501c3’s, Hotels, Restaurants, Personal Brands, Food Sector, Musicians, Agro Exports, Textiles, Technology, Universities, Printers, Cleaning & Remodeling, Real Estate, Roofing, Medical, Spas & Beauty Salons, Corporate Events, Latin American Sector and North American Sector.

We currently have corporate activities in North America, specifically Katy, Texas and in South America, in Piura, Peru.

Our Objective

Constellation X The best Digital Marketing Agency in Katy, Tx The interest we pursue is that your company or organization reaches its maximum growth potential through our resources and tools.


To be the number one marketing agency in the American continent, promoting the growth and commercial development of our clients.


Through state-of-the-art technology and focused on the continuous improvement of our qualified personnel, search for knowledge, training and technological updates.

Our Values





Our Staff

We have a highly trained team ready to work for you.

Carlos Prado

CEO & Founder

Carlos Prado is Venezuelan from the city of San Felipe Edo. Yayacuy, is the General Manager, majority shareholder and Founder of Constellation X, he is a graduate of Administrative and Management Sciences with a mention in Marketing from the Technological University of the UNITEC Center in Valencia Venezuela, additionally he is a senior technician in Logistics at the same university.

He has developed functions as a commercial and marketing manager in prestigious agro-export companies and restaurant franchises, he has experience in the real estate sector and has developed a marketing project for NGOs in North and South America. He is a welfare activist and is currently happily married.

Deborah Prado

Manager & Founder

Deborah Prado is from the United States from the city of Houston Texas. She is the CFO and majority shareholder of Constellation X, she is currently a student at the University of Houston, Bauer College of Business, has more than 6 years of experience in the area of digital marketing, and management of marketing teams. She has experience in carrying out international campaigns, corporate events and project planning for NGOs inside and outside the United States and is happily married. 


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